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 ORBE eAlerts!
 eAlerts! 2010

 Real-time notification, via email, as important account events occur

 Real-time to help improve financial control and reduce fraud risk

 Reliable and customizable alerts

 Customized eAlerts!

 Customize notification times and information

 Customized levels of notification


 Log-in Required

 Multi-Factor Authentication

 User Maintenance

 Group Policy Maintenance


 Audit Logging



 ORBE Integration

 Customer Relationship Management Database

 Customer / Member Portal  
 Office Tracking System (Lite)

 Client and Customer / Member Forums

 To-do Lists

 Hosted Solution


 System Requirements

 Server * No Server Required

No Server Required

 Symitar Host Required

 NetTeller MemberConnect™ (NTMC)

 Installation of a Telnet module for Perl on the Host server required.

 Configuration of Sendmail on the Host server required.

* Local Machine required to run ORBE Host - used to connect to Hosted Application Server.
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