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Compare Product Features  ORBE Job File Scheduler  Job File Scheduler 2010
File Scheduler
 Job File
Scheduler 2010

 Job Scheduling
 Scheduling of Batch Jobs

 Running of Batch Jobs

 Schedule Recurring Jobs
 Schedule Jobs Based on the Completion of Events / Triggers
 Schedule / Edit Job Tasks
 FTP files/reports to and from Symitar

 Email Notification of Job Completions or Errors

 Dynamic Answers to Batch Prompts Allowed

 Answer this Prompt with the Next business date 
 Create Job Dependencies
 Manually run Jobs (Run-on-Demand)
 Pause and Halt Jobs
 Job List View
 Zip and Unzip Files
 Jobs can add/extract to/from one or more Zip Files
 Handles Encrypted Files

 Send / Receive files via FTP, SFTP, or FTPS (implicit or explicit)

 Job Calendar View (Day / Week / Month)

 Manage Holiday and Special Events

 Log-in Required
 Multi-Factor Authentication
 User Maintenance
 Group Policy Maintenance
 Audit Logging
 Host Management
 Security Key Management  
 ORBE Integration

 Customer Relationship Management Database

 Customer / Member Portal  
 Office Tracking System (Lite)

 Client and Customer / Member Forums

 To-do Lists

 Hosted Solution


 System Requirements
 Server * No Server Required
Server / Virtual Machine Options
 Processor N/A
 Dual Intel Xeon 3.0GHz/2MB Cache,800MHz FSB or better
 Memory  N/A 2GB DDR2 400MHz or greater  
 Power Supply  N/A Redundant Power Supply
with Dual Cords. 
 Hard Drives
 N/A 2 x Hard Drives mounted to RAID Controller. SCSI or SATA RAID 1 (>60Gb)
 Network Adapter
 N/A  2 x Intel Pro 100
 OS  N/A Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES v5.  

* Local Machine required to run ORBE Host - used to connect to Hosted Application Server.
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