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Automate Tasks, Increase Productivity
Job File Scheduler™ (JFS) is a fully-functional automation program that minimizes redundant daily tasks and frees the IT department to work on more pressing issues. This integrated management tool enables the scheduling, tracking and reporting of automated tasks such as backups, processing, and maintenance.

  ORBE Job File Scheduler   JFS 2010  

ORBE Job File Scheduler
Job File Scheduler 2010

Part of a complete integrated
suite of tools and applications
designed to manage your
business and its data.

An integrated management
tool that enables the
scheduling, tracking, and
reporting of automated tasks.

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Learn More...

JFS Handles Symitar System Tasks Including
  • Scheduling of batch jobs
  • Running of batch jobs
  • FTP files/reports to and from Symitar
  • Email notification of job completions or errors
  • Dynamic answers to batch prompts allowed
  • Answer this prompt with the next business date
Job File Scheduler Benefits Include
  • Full Symitar Integration
  • Reliability and speed so you save time
  • Flexibility so you can schedule what you want, when you want it
  • Automation allows you to set it and forget it

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